Chinese New-year

A Chance to Create96

Tonight’s First Createup

Because it’s Chinese New Year a time to start anew with inspiration and second chances, I’m embracing this occasion to be more creative.  I’m attending Create96’s first createup this evening at The Grove New Haven.

Create96 is the brainchild of my lovely & talented husband Jeff, who has one of the most beautiful minds I have ever encountered, one of the many reason why I married him.   A child at heart who is forever creating, inventing and exploding with new idea’s daily, seriously!  I think he has more ideas within a day then there are actual minutes in a day, if that’s at all possible… they’re super incredible ideas!

Jeff has partnered with an equally talented friend & co-worker Mason whose inspired enthusiasm may give Create96 one of its competitive edges, making these two a great team.  And then there’s me… who hides behind the scenes, adding my two cents on occasion that usually goes something like this… I created a new recipe, want to try it?

Because my original New Year’s resolution is to get skinny, which I’m doing quite well with, Hooray!  I really haven’t been eating much, other than loads of salads like this one,  Arugula, Grilled Chicken & Salsa Salad with slight variations.  So I’ve turned my focus onto creating other things, for now.

This renewed passion has taken me down memory lane… reminiscing my childhood reflecting a disheveled eight year old, chalk in hand, lying on the side-walk, drawing houses, designing art deco furniture and space planning where all the furniture would go.  And when there was no more chalk left to draw with – I would use white rocks as chalk to finish my masterpieces.  I never became an Interior Designer; I’m far too eclectic for that, as I’ve been known to wear pink sued heels, green satin slacks and a fedora to pull it all together.

I never really explored art, drawing or panting until later in life persuaded by a dear friend to take a drawing class, thus began my passion for drawing once again, while I don’t think myself a good artist – at all, it’s more of a meditative obsession for me.

So for today’s post…

For Chinese New Year and renewing my artistic side.

For New Years and getting super skinny.

For Create96 renewing my inspiration for the arts.

I’m sharing a serious of self-portrait drawings I rendered over the years.

Circa 1994 – 2002

So go create, will ya!

And… if you find yourself inspired swing by and join us at Create96 createup this evening!


Self Portrait 1

Unrequited Love

Self Portrait 2


Self Portrait 3


Self Portrait 4


Self Portrait 5

T.V Hair

Self Portrait 6


Self Portrait 7


Aφροδίτη Aphroditē

When all is said and done with my new years resolution to be super skinny, I hope to look something like this!

2 thoughts on “Chinese New-year

  1. You are way too kind… grab your sketchbook and start drawing “ANYTHING”, devote the entire book to just draw playing and at the end it will be amazing!

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