Stylish Blogger Award

I have been bestowed with the charming title of Stylish Blogger Award by the talented duo at Caroling Heart Strings.  Whoa, I’m surprised, excited and grateful they think I’m that cool.

Stylish Blogger Award

The best part is making new friends and having a community where you’re sharing, learning and discovering a wealth of information.

While accepting this award entitles me to share these 4 duties whilst basking in the glory, I must humble myself and perform the following:

1.   Write an acceptance post and link back to your blogger presenter.

2.   Pass the torch of Stylish Blogger Award  to 10 (or so) blogger’s you’ve recently discovered and inspire you.

3.   Contacting them to let them know they have won this prestigious award.

4.   Share 7 (seven) things about yourself.

Seven things about me that you don’t know already…

The Violin is my favorite instrument of all.

I was born in Melbourne, Australia.

I have a twin brother.

I once owned a Greek diner.

I won a 10k in South Florida.

I love Shakespeare Sonnets – #78 this is my favorite.

I like to draw people.

Lucky me get’s to lavishly grace some inspiring blogger’s with this awesome award and pass on the blogger luv.

Cupcake Bakeshop by Chockylit

Elm City Handmade

Network Connecticut


House of Brinson

Cake Duchess

Brownies for Dinner

Hungry Travels

Design Love Fest

Kris Colvin

Thanks to Carolina Heart Strings for sharing this award with me… I had fun and I hope you do too!

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