Guest post by Lorraine…

My niece Lorraine is one of the most creative little people I know.  I admire her beautiful imagination, filled with artistic spark and inventiveness.  These ideals often slip away from us as we mature into adulthood for the many reasons life bestows upon us… our work, our families, school… We’re really not to blame; it’s what we’re taught.

Safety Pugs Author

I began this writing endeavor as a way to share my love for baking, a keepsake for beloved family recipes and creating new ones.  I was taking a risk and trying something new.  At first, I never imagined being a blogger, ever!  I had a list of reasons why I should not blog, most of them unfounded. Luckily the economy helped me view things differently, to embrace new opportunities where others no longer existed.  I’m not a writer by trade, though I do love telling stories… It’s really a lot of fun.

The best part is making new friends and having a community where you’re sharing, learning and discovering a diverse wealth of information.  There’s a whole new class of education that goes on here.

While creating this blog allowed me to unleash the sleeping artistic side within me, it also allows me to share that experience with family, like my niece Lorraine, whom I find incredible, invincible, awesome, brilliant, pretty, intelligent, sporty, feisty, funny, hopeful, honest, artistic, smart and beautiful!

Creative resources at work... "Disney World"

So without further ado… A book by Lorraine…


Safety Pugs The Cover Page


Safety Pugs Introduction Page
Safety Pugs Page 1
Safety Pugs Page 2
Safety Pugs Page 3
Safety Pugs Page 4
Safety Pugs Page 5

This is the first series of Lorraine’s long creative journey and she is a welcomed guest blogger on Georgiecakes anytime.  If you find your creativity getting blocked remember to “Stop, Drop & Roll”, it may just save your life.

One more thing…

Meet the real Safety Pug Family and my twin brother Pete, really!

Safety Pug Family

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