Zoi A Love Story

A photo journey of my animal family…

Zoi & Lil Bears famous centerfold pose

This is Zoi, which means zest for life in Greek.  I named her Zoi, well because she was given to me as a Christmas gift by my little brother.  It was during a time I was extra sad and he thought she could bring some “Zoi” back into my life.  At least that’s what his Psychology class was teaching him, that animals had miraculous super healing powers, or so they say.

Baby I can see your halo. You know you're my saving grace...

I must admit they were on to something here… as I have come to know this on my own and witnessing first hand the animal-therapy program at Yale New Haven Hospital as a volunteer.  It really truly works!

Zoi was adopted from the Humane Society in Broward County, Florida.  I would encourage anyone wanting a pet to adopt form a shelter – adopted pets make the best companions.

I think Zoi is a short hair domestic, though I swear she has some Egyptian heritage in her, because of her large pointy ears and Siamese looking eyes, but that’s probably me just being an overzealous caretaker.

Obviously I've been kept prisnor for this portrait!
Zoi and attack of the toys

Zoi wasn’t the first name I gave her… it was Venus.  She had this cute puzzle on her face, that looked like a V or the mark of Zorro.  Thank goodness I realized there wasn’t a connection there, other than me trying way to hard to be avant garde.

The other love of my life, Amber… isn’t she beautiful, she’s Himalayan Persian mix.


Last April Amber went to sleep forever, sniffle.


I really miss her pretty kitty face and even though there was a sibling rivalry between Zoi and Amber, I know Zoi would braid Amber’s long mane while we were away.  This explains why Amber’s hair would get tangled.  Every so often we would give her a lion cut, like this one below.

Amberlina in the wild

Amber, her stage name… “Amberlina” is kind of a big deal here in kitty town… she’s a famous kitty star.

Amber famous centerfold shot for "Playkitty"

Zoi has other family members who live in sunny Florida – Blossom and Cosmo.  I think Zoi misses Florida sometimes, especially lounging in the warm sunshine,  eating long stems of grass, sprawling under the flowers bushes and her favorite… chasing lizards!  She’s an indoor kitty now that we live in New England!

Zoi chasing lizard’s

Meet Blossom, she likes to talk a lot and is a really good jumper.  Blossom can jump so high that she can almost put the star on the Christmas tree… see how talented she is?

Blossom the tree topper.

Blossom is an American Eskimo and would like to join the circus someday.  Sometimes she barks and jumps at the same time – insistently,  that usually happens when she’s gotten into Dad’ s beer cabinet or when she’s training for the circus.

Blossom practicing to be a circus clown dog

Cosmo is really cool, he’s a Puggle, a great hugger and a pretty sharp dresser at that!  He can croon out a Frank Sinatra tune on a whim.   This attracts a variety of lady Puggle’s who swoon the back yard just to get a glimpse of him.  Fame seems to run in the family.  Cosmo is a real lover and a member of the Safety Pug family.

Cosmo "Swoon & Croon"

Speaking of lovers…  I never thought it would happen to Zoi but she’s fallen pretty hard for a really cute guy named Sock, who’s also famous and goes by the stage name  @sockington, he doesn’t even know she’s alive… she tweets him once in a while and is still patiently awaiting his reply!

Zoi & Sockington... sitting in a tree

@sockington probably thinks I’m a kitty stalker… I’m not sure why?  When he and Zoi have so much in common, they’re a perfect pair.  Though there is that “Sockamillion” chance they could be related – they do look a lot alike.  Either way I’m just smitten crazy about him, for her.

Zoi Song

So that’s my animal family life…   as for me and my healing… Zoi taught me how to love all over again, deeper and harder than ever before!

Oh’ and my lovely husband, just called me the cat lady!

The End

5 thoughts on “Zoi A Love Story

  1. I’ve been browsing through your blog. Just looking today, but I can tell I’ll be spending way too much time here. Your food looks amazing, and I’m looking forward to reading your post.

  2. K so I love this post about your animal family! Your pets are darling! I completely agree with you and your brother when they say that pets really do bring so much happiness into your life! They are all so cute!

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