Arugula, Grilled Chicken & Salsa Salad

I’m still on the straight and narrow in keeping up with my new years resolution… to get super skinny.  As hard as it’s been following a healthy eating program, especially when I love and adore and fantasize about beautiful food all day long, I admit it’s quite satisfying to create new, simple and tasty recipes.  Health is keeping me centered and focused, and there’s a little less of me looking back in the mirror.

Though I am looking forward to my first official cheat day filled with scrumptious warm bread and luscious chocolates this Valentine Day!


Arugula Grilled Chicken Salsa Salad

It’s lunch time right now and I’m in a hurry in between volunteering at the New Haven Museum and Elm City Handmade, where I have my one of kind dessert plates on display and for sale. To be continued…

Back to lunch…  this scrumptious salad is full of flavor and fresh ingredients that will have you energized for the busiest of days.

Here’s what you need… a Panini pan or skillet, prep time 35 minutes, cook time 20 minutes, Serves 4

4 chicken breast cutlets (thin)

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

Dash of Salt

Dash of Pepper

Dash of Fresh Parsley

2 Cups Arugula

2 Tablespoons Ranch dressing (for each dish)

1 Cup Salsa – Medium Spiciness   (Use your favorite! I make Silver Palate recipe or purchase the San Pedro brand, its super fresh no preservatives.)

Turn stove top to medium heat.  In the skillet add olive oil, salt pepper, parsley allow to heat for approximately two minutes.  Add the chicken cutlets and cook 8 minutes on each side until golden brown.  Remove from heat and let cool in pan.

Place a heaping ¾ cup of Arugula on a plate, drizzle ranch dressing all over arugula, add warm chicken and top with salsa.  Dig in quickly and savor the flavors of this fresh and clean meal.

If you have time swing by Elm City Handmade and check out the beautiful artist studio. Here you can get an up close and personal look at my dessert plates or keep a look out for my Etsy store coming soon.


Elm City Handmade Dessert Plates

3 thoughts on “Arugula, Grilled Chicken & Salsa Salad

  1. Hi Georgie! Just saw you over at Tasty Kitchen & wanted to stop by & say hi! Looks like you are doing great on the New Years resolutions 🙂

  2. Your dessert plates are gorgeous. I love them all. The recipe looks delicous too. I too am trying to lose that pesky weight. This would be a great salad for dinner. I am going shopping tonight for the ingredients.

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