Tastiest Burger I Ever Ate

I have to agree with The Travel Channel for choosing Louis’ Lunch as The Tastiest Place to Chowdown in America as well as The Tastiest Burger ever! As rich in history as they are in taste, discover Louis’ humble beginnings while they journey through a century of the American Burger.

For the record, Louis’ is credited for inventing the hamburger as we know it today. Legend has it one day in the early 1900s; a man rushed into Louis’ Lunch requesting a meal on the go. Louis Lassen owner prepared his ground grilled steak, slapped it between two slices of toast, and hence, the American hamburger was born. How’s that for history! Louis’ hamburgers have changed little from the original recipe and are made fresh daily, cooked to order in the original grills from 1898.

For generations, Louis’ Lunch has satisfied perhaps millions of devoted burger lovers all over the world. Louis’ has endured the change of time with its unchanged décor and iconic personal story, making this landmark a must do on anyone’s bucket list.

Louis’ simple menu offers the original burger, tuna sandwich (Fridays only), potato salad, chips, homemade pies & assorted drinks. A family friendly environment that’s super cozy with a small seating area, the occasional entrainment featuring proprietor Jeff Lassen with his witty outbursts, together with affordable pricing make this the best burger joint ever!

When heading to Louis’ be sure to read the house rules (no ketchup) before ordering all that good burgerliciousness!

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