Love My Local in New London, CT

A day trip to New London, CT is a great way to spend the start of fall. You get to glimpse the beginning stages of autumns foliage change while cruising along the shoreline enjoying everything New England has to offer. This has become a passion of ours while exploring the local cuisine each unique area has to offer, we simply love to pay homage to all the good food. It is the least we could do and oh’ boy are we glad we stumbled upon this special town. Secluded in the back of New London’s marina off Shaw’s Cove you’ll find a hidden gem in Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock.

I was pretty sure we found Captain Kidd’s loot, they do say it’s buried someplace nearby, instead we found the holy grail of lobster rolls and not just any lobster roll, it was a foot long, buttered to perfection and loaded with the most succulent tender morsels, this is by far one of the best, yet! Seriously, what would New England be without New England clam chowder; here they serve it piping hot, creamy with delicate slivers of tasty clams and chunky potatoes, a perfect mélange of flavor. Ahhhh’ the lobster bisque with its unique sweet spice dappled with an affectionate sum of lobster meat. Why even the Fried Sole Sandwich tasted as if just caught and hand delivered right to your plate and did I mention the Cole slaw, one of the best I’ve ever had.

We plan on making plenty of treks back here and certainly plan on bringing our entourage of guest to enjoy what we consider one of the best local dining spots in New London. And of course, there’s still the pirate booty someplace out there, at least we’ll have full tummy’s while treasure hunting.

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