Inspiring Bakers & Bloggers

As I explore my gourmet magazines & cook books looking for next inspiring meal to make, I decided to take a completely different route from my normal routine and stumble through the web. This was fun and exciting and much to my surprise I was served up an endless amount of information. Weeding through all of these incredible sites to uncover what fit my culinary style the best.

Here are few of my favorite sites:

The first site that challenged my senses and engaged me for hours with its unique combination of sugar & spice was Cupcakes by Chockylit Cake Shop: the Green Tea, Lavender & Honey Cupcake Bomb are sure to please any baker extraordinaire.

Next I stumbled upon Smitten Kitchen: one must attempt her version of Red Velvet Cake – the best I’ve ever had! I must confess pretty much anything she makes is oh’ so yummy!

My search continued with my most beloved dessert of all… Carrot Cake and oh’ boy did I find the mother lode of all Carrot Cakes at Zoe Bakes: Every time I make this cake for friends or family everyone seems to leave intoxicated with sweet pleasure. Zoe is for sure a keeper!

As these are just a few sites to mention and as I continue to travel around through my culinary adventures I will persist to explore and share my most adored recipes with you. Before I bid you adieu… yesterday I discovered The Pioneer Woman through twitter, she features some really good home cooked food that I’m longing to try and has launched another food social site The Tasty Kitchen I’m sure will quickly become my new obsession, a great place for meet and greet and exchange recipes.

So far this exciting and entertaining journey has given me several new friends and taught me delicious recipes. For sure this little chef in training has taken one step closer to that big dream bakery.

One thought on “Inspiring Bakers & Bloggers

  1. Dear Georgie,
    I’m sending you good wishes on your journey to become a Baker/Pastry chef as I am. It’s worth remembering it’s a recesssion proof job !! I found your profile on LinkedIn through Whole Foods Market listing as I admire that concept. You can find me on LinkedIn. Keep Makin n Bakin,


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