TRAILER for The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship

Check out this trailer for a short documentary about my Mother-in-law, Ida, and five of her lifelong friends. It’s a heartwarming story that started in the 1940s and is still unfolding today. This film means a lot to me – have a look and feel free to share with your family and friends.


The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship” is the remarkable story of Helen, Ida, Jeanne, Marcia, Matty and Phyllis – collectively dubbed “the Sexy Six”.From humble beginnings in a Connecticut factory town to making their way as career girls, wives and mothers, this short documentary explores the relationship of the six friends from first impressions to lasting ones. A treasure trove of family snapshots and home movies complement present-day interviews. 

They met as young girls in the 1940s. They stayed friends their whole lives. “The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship” is a short documentary that tells the extraordinary story of six women whose friendship has spanned eight decades. Sneak preview Mother’s Day weekend 2020

Get Your Ticket Under Perks The Mother’s Day Weekend Sneak Preview will be available from Friday, May 8 through Sunday, May 10. Each ticket purchased is good for your whole household.Watch as many times as you’d like!Film link and password will be delivered on May 8, 2020.

Thanks to our backers so far! A few generous folks have purchased extra tickets to the Mother’s Day Sneak Preview which will allow us to gift a handful of them to anyone who is short of cash right now. Please give what you can, $5 for the wait list for a gift ticket, $50 for your own ticket (good for the whole household), $100 for two tickets.

Before social distancing, we had a thing called a group photo. How are you all doing? How is your mom? Your dad? Other older relatives? And how are *you* coping with the new restrictions in your part of the world? Please check in. We are all one big family here.

We Need a “Feel Good” Film Right Now

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed our world. Our original plans were to screen this film in the hometown of The Sexy Six in June, complete with a red carpet and champagne reception. We’re not sure when an event of that magnitude will be possible. But we know we can pull off an online screening and share the love generated by six remarkable ladies.

  • Maintaining friendships in the world we knew wasn’t always easy. “The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship” will inspire us to do better.
  • Pay It Forward by purchasing the Two Ticket or VIP Ticket option so that we can make sure everyone on our Wait List gets a Sneak Peak. See the FAQs below to help out with our social media campaign.
  • Make it a Happy Mother’s Day Gift. Purchase One Ticket for your mom or other special ladies in your life. We guarantee this gift will arrive on time.
  • Keep in touch. Following the close of our campaign we will keep you updated on the progress of finishing our film. We hope to hold other online events. And “The Sexy Six Cookbook” will be available in June. After you see the Sneak Peek, we know you’ll be craving casseroles and cookies!

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