The Art of Tableware at Juliska (plus a Giveaway)

The Winner of the Juliska Country Estate Hostess Tray is….

Theresa: Madeleine cookies…yum!!

Please email Georgiecakes (at) gmail (dot) com – to claim your prize.

I have been blessed to have traveled to many beautiful places in my life, along the way visiting exquisite stores and exclusive antique shops.

Here is where my infatuation began with vintage fabrics, plates and glassware.

Over the years, I have cultivated my obsession for delicate and beautiful glassware, especially Depression glass, creating an eclectic collection of my own.

These pieces have helped spark my curiosity for the arts.  It’s the inspiration for this interview and the art of making gorgeous tableware.

Juliska’s journey started with Cupucine’s love for design, and husband David Gooding’s family legacy of importing fine European goods.  The coupling of these two talents has produced some of the most sought after pieces in glassware, ceramics, linens, lighting and flatware.

The couple, staying true to the traditional art form and historically accurate process in creating their exclusive pieces, uses tools and trades dating back several centuries.  The unique glassware that Juliska is so well known for is mouth blown by master glass blowers in the Czech Republic who have perfected this art form, passing the legacy down through many generations.

The stunning ceramics and stoneware designed by Juliska’s team are created using multicast molds, followed by an extensive finishing process using transparent glass and special patina brushing, giving each piece a rich texture and rustic look.

All the signature collections, like the Barry & Thread, Jardins Du Monde, Country Estate, Pewter Stoneware and Petite Singe are created using a vitrified process making each piece restaurant grade and are able to go straight from freezer to oven up to 500 degrees. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe.

I am fortunate to live near the beautiful Juliska flagship store in Stamford, CT , which has given me the opportunity to interview Design Director, Capucine De Wulf.

GC: Please give us a brief bio, where you are from and how you started Juliska?

CDW: I was born in Paris France, raised in the US with dual French and US cultural influences. I studied modern dance, political science and public relations at SMU in Texas before moving to NY to marry my fabulous husband. Shortly after, I launched my own fashion label, Capucine De Wulf, a limited collection of luxury dresses which I closed a few years later in order to take the helm as Juliska Design Director. 3 darling daughters and 11 years later, Juliska is thriving!

GC: When did you first discover you wanted to open Juliska?

CDW: David and I were traveling in Paris and discovered the beautiful Bohemian Glassware which became the foundation of the Juliska brand we have today. We felt instantly that the glassware was the beginning of something special and conspired to launch a full brand. We spent many long nights by the fire conjuring up extensive collections of bohemian inspired glassware and ceramics and home accents. Our idea was to create an aesthetic fusion of European and American artisanal inspired influences and marry it with the needed functionality of today’s lifestyle. It is with joie-de-vivre that we endeavor to create useful and beautiful things that beckon to you without words and reflect who you are. These are the things worth having and giving. We endeavor to create a new generation of uncommonly beautiful classics.

GC: Could you tell us about some of your design work?

CDW: We have the wonderful privilege to work with highly skilled artisans such as our Glass Masters in The Czech republic who blow our glassware and our Ceramic Technicians and model makers who craft our ceramics. This is an amazing experience because you are surrounded by talented people, who make beautiful things, and are constantly learning and creating. When we are at work, my design team and I are constantly looking for ways to be innovative and push boundaries.

GC: How do you describe your style?

CDW: I believe Style is the art of curating a collection of meaningful objects that speak to the fibers of your soul and reflect your own unique spirit. I am just as happy in black tie as I am barefoot. I love a good Scottish kilt as much as I love a Balinese ikat sarong – which both look great with a white t-shirt! The mix of the different influences is evident in our Juliska collections – spanning exotic Classic Bamboo to Masculine Pewter Ceramics to our romantic ‘toilesque’ Country Estate pattern.

GC: What’s your favorite piece?

CDW: I have a new favorite with each season. At the moment, my favorite is our new stemless Amalia wine glasses. They are divine to drink from and I have juice in them every morning.

GC: If you could apprentice with any artist, who would that be?

CDW: Great Question – I suppose it depends on what you consider Art – but if I could choose one person to learn from – I think it would be Alexander McQueen. He had such a unique and wildly creative perspective.

GC: Describe Juliska in 5 words.

CDW: Uncommon Classics & Joive de vivre!

GC: Lastly, any words of advice for aspiring artists?

CDW: Whatever you aspire to do – do it with happiness, humility and originality.

When you visit Juliska be sure to swing by the cafe for lunch or have one of their delicious desserts and an espresso.  There’s also a candy bar station where you can purchase candy by the pound and serve on your new tableware. Speaking of sweet deals, their wholesale shop, Barry & Fred is right across the parking lot for those on a budget.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE beautiful tableware, especially this Juliska “Country Estate” collection, so I’m hosting a giveaway!

One Lucky winner will receive this beautiful Country Estate Hostess Tray

The Rules:

One entry per person, please.

U.S. Residents only.

Here’s how you enter to for a chance to win:

Answer the following question in the comments section of this post.

“What would you serve on this Country Estate Hostess Tray?”

The winner will be selected at random and announced on the evening of June 4th.

Have fun & Good luck!

* Disclaimer: The wonderful team at Juliska provided me with a free sample of Country Estate Hostess Tray for the giveaway. All the opinions here are my own. I think Juliska tableware is gorgeous!

Juliska – “possibly the most beautiful tableware in the world”


22 thoughts on “The Art of Tableware at Juliska (plus a Giveaway)

  1. Just beautiful! With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee around the corner, I would definitely serve some tea sandwiches.

  2. Beautiful post and even more beautiful glassware and ceramics. I too love to collect beautiful tableware and must check out Juliska. I would serve a whole poached salmon garnished with lemon and a dill sour cream on that lovely tray.

  3. I would an array of pastel macaroons on this tray. The colors of the macaroons against the gray & white toile background would be stunning!

  4. Oh, what a marvelous giveaway! I own a few pieces of Juliska and I just adore them. I’m certain I’d fill this tray with cookies!!!

  5. First of all, I want that lamp!! I would serve a smattering of small bites on this tray – quiche cups, mini tarts, and even pigs in a blanket. Yum!

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