NYC Cookie Swap

I am grateful to have had the chance to attend the NYC Cookie Swap, a wonderful fundraiser for  Cookies for Kids Cancer.  Hosted by Maggy of Bloggers without Borders along with her talented co-hosts Gail, Ken and Jacki.

NYC Cookie Swap 2011 Jackie, Larry, Pam, Dori, Jessica

I met wonderful new friends and I mingled with old ones.  I played paparazzi taking as many photo’s as I could to document this wonderful event.

Amber, Nicole, Ken, Jessica & Jeff

ALL the cookies were amazing.  I’m still working my way through the personal stash I brought home. I can’t seem to pick just one as my favorite, every cookie had some special ingredient that made it tasty; whether it was gluten free, savory or sweet they all shined.

NYC Cookie Swap Paparazzi

Lunch was provided by Hill Country BBQ  and was the tastiest and most delicious BBQ food that I’ve had in a long time.  Jeff and I plan on re-visiting very soon.

Tara, Ian, Penny, Pam, Dori, Sarabeth & Julie

I found myself smitten by the endless  array of talent that graced the room, especially “cooking and photography” royalty like, Dori Greenspan, Pam Anderson, Abby Dodge, Ian Makay and Penny De La Santos.

Gail, Jackie, Lillian & Mitzi

I had the best time ever! My only regret that there wasn’t enough time to meet everyone, this gives me something to look forward too next time.

Pesto Basil Cookie, A Savory Cookie

Jeff and I made two cookies for the NYC Cookie Swap, a savory Pesto Basil cookie (above) and Oatmeal Lace cookie (below).  I plan on posting both of these recipes soon, so you can enjoy them too.

Oatmeal Lace Cookie

I hope you get a chance to attend next year’s cookie swap.  The cause alone is incentive enough, but what exceeded my expectations was the cookies, the food and the love from everyone who attended. I know I got lucky by purchasing the last two tickets, now that’s serendipity!  Happy Holidays! Happy #cookielove!

4 thoughts on “NYC Cookie Swap

  1. Such a wonderful group of people and a beautiful and intriguing array of cookies. A little envious of everyone who was able to attend. Thanks for this super post.

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