Pie Party Live

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my very first food blogging event at Pie Party Live.  Hosted by the talented Jackie Gordon of The Diva that Eat New York and the equally gifted Ken from Hungry Rabbit, kudos to this duo for a hugely successful and fun event.

Jackie & Ken

Held at Rodeo Bar who served up some incredible dishes to nibble on, as well as offering the space for our fabulous party.  Another round of thanks to Gareth of Dub Pies – for the tasty and savory pies.

Rodeo Bar Menu

Pie Party Live united pie lovers and bloggers alike.   Access to this pie inclusive event was merely to make or bring a pie.  Any kind of pie would do.  It could be sweet or savory.  So you make a pie, share it with the guests, make some great new friends and taste glorious magnificent pies.  How sweet!  Here’s a peek at the tantalizing pies on display at the Pie Party Parade.

Pie Party Live

The best part for me was finally meeting all the incredibly talented food bloggers that I have followed for years.  I think I had a twinkle in my eye for most of the afternoon.  In a way it was like meeting celebrities, since my only connection with these extraordinary foodies was through a virtual screen; either through reading their blogs, watching cooking videos or referring to their cookbooks.

Pie Party Foodies

I made some new friends too.  It’s the best part of getting together with folks that share the same interests, wrapped in great food!  The event was a whirlwind to me, it went by quickly and sadly I spent very little time with any one individual.  I wanted to be sure I had a chance to meet everyone as brief as it may have been.  I’m grateful I met all these wonderful people…  Jackie, Ken, Tara, Monique, Kate, Abby, Brian, Pam, Grace, Maria, Jennifer, Dana, George, Debra, Lilliana, Jennifer, Louisa, Carol, Gail, Kamran, Wendy, Miranda, Veronica, Winnie, Katy, Lisa, Serena, Emily, Angela, Wendy, Justin, Alissa, Simon, Sarah, Margaret, Leslie, Kathy and Melissa.  It was really nice meeting all of you!

Now onto the pie…

Apple Dulce de Leche Pie & Cupcake Pies

For Pie Party Live I made a sweet pie.  A recipe adapted from Recipe Girl, her spectacular Apple Dulce de Leche, the flavor combination is incredible.  It was the perfect choice, plus I had dozens of apples leftover from apple picking.

(I will be posting my version of the Apple Dulce de Leche pie and cupcake pies in the next few days).

Pie Party Live Sweet & Savory Pies

My favorite part is preparing pie dough.   I tried Sylvia’s perfect pie crust adapted from Tasty Kitchen.  I really like this recipe, it has a great taste and simple to make.  It was perfect!

Pie Party Live Savory & Sweet Pies

Pie party doesn’t end here – there were door prizes galore including a Kitchen Aid Food Processor, a months supply of Driscoll’s Berries,  a Scharffen Berger gift basket, a Bake-ware bundle from Chicago Metallic Bake-ware, a pie from Ivy Bakery, a Reci-tee from The Diva That Ate New York, a Cuisinart Toaster Oven Broiler and a smorgasbord of cookbooks. One of which my sweet husband Jeff won – a copy of the The Weekend Baker from the lovely Abby Dodge.

Everything was perfect, the pies, the people and the day.  Absolute perfection! I look forward to the next Pie Party Live and visiting with my new friends.

20 thoughts on “Pie Party Live

  1. What a wonderful Pie Part recap! What a fun time we had and it was so great to meet you!! Love the way you laid out your post and you got some fantastic pictures.

  2. How exciting! I saw some of the tweets and knew that it was going to be an absolute fun time for all involved. Sure wish that I lived in NYC! Would have been lovely to have been able to attend and meet you and everyone else. Really happy that you and your husband enjoyed yourselves and I’m looking forward to the recipe of your apple pie and cupcake pies!

    1. Please let me know if you ever come to NYC – I would love to meet you too. I hope to make it up to you one day,though not sure when. I’m enamored with all the beautiful land, restaurants, food and stories from our fellow bloggers.

  3. You have amazing pics of the event! They look great! Especially the Rodeo Bar food. Really enjoyed your pie and meeting you. So glad to follow your blog and cookie adventures. I’ll have to do a post on everyone’s posts! Stay in touch and happy cooking!

  4. Gorgy Georgie So lovely that you came to Pie Party Live so I could meet you face-to-face! You brought such enthusiasm and yummy pies. I hope to see you at a lot more food feast ups!!! Thanks fr donating your beautiful cake plate!

    1. It was delicious! I remembered you posting the “winning” pie recipe and I thought – I have to make this in the fall. I ate apple cupcake pies for 3 days, as a result I’ve tuned up the exercise to accommodate my splurge. One day I hope to meet you too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Oh, Georgie, I so wanted to be there. There are nice things about living in France but what I wouldn’t give to live near all my bloggy friends in NYC! Looks like a blast! And can’t wait for your recipe! xo

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