Smile And Have A Vegemite Sandwich

Vegemite & Crackers

I’ve not been around for quite some time — taking a very much needed break from the inter-web.  As fluent as I may think I am with computers, apps and new technology, my head was beginning to feel as though it was half baked; coupled with a nasty virus that made its way through a twitter link to my hard drive, I was forced to take a sabbatical!  In hindsight I’m pleased, though on the day I discovered the virus I was in full panic mode.  My computer would need to spend time at the repair shop and me, well I would have to improvise with what I had – an iPhone.

Silly stuff I do with my iPhone while playing with my photography apps.

Destroy Boredom

It’s just as well… since my cousin was visiting from Australia and we were about to embark on a sightseeing adventure.  Our holiday started in Pennsylvania — making our way to the historical sites like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, Thank you founding fathers and mothers for our independence.

Amish Country - Intercourse PA

Next was Amish country, I ‘m amazed at how incredibly manicured the Amish keep farm lands without modern day technology.  By the way they make really good whoopie pies, be sure to have one during your next visit.

The kids enjoyed the petting zoo at Kitchen Kettle Village where they got to take pony rides and feed the Llama and Goats.

Does this filter make my teeth look big?

This is Chloe – I want to set her free, bring her home and let her graze on hay all day.


Later we stumbled through NYC, discovering some of the best shopping and restaurants, and eating some of the best desserts – walking it all off during the adventurous trek over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge

Our last stop was Boston.  I could really live here — it’s absolutely gorgeous!  We shopped on Newbury Street, visited historical sites and ate loads and loads of good food.  We were so exhausted by the end of the trip that it took two days to recuperate.

Boston Harbor

When my cousin arrived she brought Australian crackers and Vegemite.  So we did what any Aussie would do…


We made a proper cup of tea and spread Vegemite atop of our crackers.  I’m told when I was young and living in Australia I ate Vegemite daily.  I thought perhaps absence would make the heart grow fonder…  but I was wrong…  Vegemite is a taste one must acquire.  It’s loaded with essential vitamins, like vitamin B; though it’s still not enough to persuade me to smear it on bagels, vegetables or crackers.

I’ll stick to granola, like this amazing Early Bird  Brand gathered in Brooklyn.  This is my kind of snacking.

Early Bird Granola

We had a great time with my cousin while visiting family and friends.  I’m looking forward to one day going back to Australia on holiday to experience the food and culture there, explore Queensland, Kata Tjuta, Ayers Rock, Blue Mountains, Victoria and NSW.  I’m back to work, fully rested and computer de-bugged…  the Land Down Under will have to wait… for now.

4 thoughts on “Smile And Have A Vegemite Sandwich

  1. Ah menories… vegemite on bagels – bliss!!
    Vegemite might be an acquired taste – but worth it 🙂

    Hope to see you downunder soon!

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