Azteca Brownies

Craving a much desired mid-afternoon pick me up, I dropped into my favorite cafe & bookstore – Atticus Bookstore Cafe.

Atticus Books Cafe The Counter

Here I often find myself drowning in really good coffee, getting lost in unusual books and devouring their famous Azteca brownie within minutes!

See for yourself…

Azteca Brownie

It’s a favorite local hangout for Yale students and locals alike.  Always greeted by a friendly staff serving up some of the most incredible sandwiches and desserts in town!  And for a good reason… all the bread and desserts are made by the incredibly delicious Chabaso Baking Company .  I love their bread… all their bread!  And desserts!

Atticus Cafe

Today for Cinco De Mayo, swing by and try their famous “Black Bean” soup and top it off with the infamous “Azteca Brownie”.  You’ll thank me and don’t be surprised if you find yourself channeling your inner Lucha lubrie.

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