Apple iPie: Slices of iPad Art

Recently, Create96 hosted an art show at The Grove featuring the talented Raheem Nelson who can be found at his virtual studio Eye of the Sun God.

Apple iPie

The show titled Apple iPie: Slices of iPad art displayed an array of stunning urban works worthy of a Sun King, which I’m crowning this brilliant artist.


His works are ablaze with an array of colors, ranging from plums and reds, amethyst-hues, yellows and amber’s, all are undeniably dazzling.

Apple iPie Art 1

Good enough to eat!

Euphony 2

So good I wanna dance!


I want her hair!

Apple iPie Art Show 4

Raheem is surrounded by beautiful ladies.

Raheem's Mom

She made the most incredible Apple pies.

Apple Pies

Delicious Apple pies!


The beautiful Rose… this art piece portrays Rose as she is inside and out – stunningly exuberant!  Plus she made this incredible fondant iPad art cake that we all gobbled up at the end.

Rose's iPad Fondant Cake

5 thoughts on “Apple iPie: Slices of iPad Art

  1. GEORGIE! This is amazing! Thank you thank you thank you. I’m so glad you had a good time at the show. I’m blown away by your compliments of Ra’s art and the cake.

    Have I mentioned that you’re amazing, too?


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