A Saucy Evening With The Ramones

A recent trip to Daddy’s Junky Music turned out to be more than just a visit to my husband’s toy store.  Jeff’s the musician in the family and has a deep appreciation for all things vintage, especially musical instruments; this often has us searching music stores for the next big score.

Vintage Toy Closet

To my surprise I discovered something to my likeness, “food” and not just any food, Marky Ramone’s “Brooklyn’s Own Pasta Sauce”.  Who would have thought, Daddy’s Junky Music was now venturing into the culinary arts.

Marky Ramone Pasta Sauce

I was expecting to keep myself entertained, playing with the usual synthesizers, guitars and drums, while Jeff searched for the next shiny thing.  Instead I reviewed the product selection sitting atop of the counter with nostalgic enthusiasm and quickly purchased the Marinara Pasta Sauce.  This needed some additional research, the kind where you break and dip your bread, while your pasta takes you for a saucy swim.

Pasta A Cooking

To accompany the pasta we made a quick stop at Bread & Chocolate, our local bakery for fresh baked Chiabatta bread.  At home the pans started clanking.  Water boiling, sauce cooking – check, bread sliced, table set – soon the tasting will begin.

During the entire dinner Jeff and I hardly spoke, other than those few descriptive words we mumbled between bites… that went something like this…

Georgie: Wow… hm-mm… this is good.

Jeff:  Yeah, surprising really tasty!

Georgie: Seriously for store bought sauce in a bottle, this is really good.

Jeff: Did we get just one bottle, we should get more.

Marky Ramone’s Marinara Pasta Sauce passed the test!  Rich and flavorful you can taste all the ingredients.  Unexpected freshness of tomatoes, basil and assorted spices jumped out to greet your palate.

From the kitchen of Marky Ramone, A recipe so flavorful, It Beats the Rest – Now put it to the test!” Pick up a case – $88 – 1 Case (12 Jars) – Shipping Included –10% Benefits Autism Speaks

I found myself flashing back to my college days in the early 90’s, hanging out at the Agora Ballroom in Hallandale Beach, Florida,  watching The Ramone’s play live.  The stage was set aglow in a light blue hue and music was echoing throughout the auditorium.  We danced and flicked our lighter’s to the bands cult classics like, “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”, “Gabba Gabba Hey” and “I Wanna Be Sedated”. It was a great night.

The Ramones in Concert

Above the stage you could see the VIP glass room, which seemed to be floating in mid air. The guests were mingling amongst one another and enjoying themselves.  A few moments later entered Joey and CJ and all I could think of was… I  have to get in there, but how could I sneak in?  I summoned up all the nerve I had, approaching the body guard and said, “I’m a friend of the bands”.  Next thing I knew we were heading up to the VIP room, apparently cleared for access.

Ramones Autograph

Woah – that’s right, baby… we had VIP access.  We joined the small elite group of privileged punk rockers.  Schmoozing with Joey & CJ, we ate Domino’s’ pizza, ironic I know and I got this awesome autographed Domino’s Pizza menu as a keepsake from this remarkable night!

As for my musical attempts, well, let’s just say they usually involve a fantasy filled with everyone’s hair blowing back from my awesomeness, for real!

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