How to Make a Monster Doll Cake

Last weekend I attended Doll Wars, a doll making competition held at Elm City Handmade. All of the attendees voted for their favorite dolls, within categories like extreme cuteness, frightening and edible.  All the dolls entered were stuffed, knitted or ceramic and all had some kind of special super power.

Doll Wars

My entry, which I affectionately call, “Blue Monchou“ is an adaptation of the claymation series Rex the Runt doll… with a bit of a twist.  Instead of being a stuffed doll, you see… Blue Monchou is made to stuff people… with cake, that is, and his special super powers… to heal broken hearts.

DollWars 2011

I wasn’t sure if the monster cake was going to be eaten immediately, during the intermission or well after the competition and while speculating, I decided to use a premade cake mix and frosting.  This way any errors made while designing my monster cake, I could quickly prepare more of the inside stuffing to bring my doll to life and within budget.

Cake Mix, Frosting & Candy

Since I already had a stuffed version of Rex the Runt, I decided to wing it and carve out the pattern by hand, eying his every curve.  Designing my monster cake doll was easier than I expected.  Rex became my mascot during the cake decorating session.  So for the future of our planet and for Doll Wars… here’s how to make a monster doll cake.

Rex the Runt

Here’s what you need to get started:

9″ circular cake pan

9′”x 13″rectangular cake pan

2 boxes of cake mix: 1 vanilla and 1 chocolate

3 cans frosting: vanilla only to dye frosting

1 cake board

2 sheets of pattern paper

Plastic wrap

Assortment of candy: chocolate lips, sweet heart jewelry necklace, sour patch rings, jelly beans hearts and candy corn.

I designed the cake board with the pattern paper and then wrapped with plastic wrap to protect it.  I need loads of practice spreading frosting.  Note to self: I must learn to get more frosting onto the cake “smoothly” than in my mouth.

Patterned Paper

Prepare your cake mix per box instructions, let cool for several hours, even up to a day prior to carving out your cake pattern.  It’s common to freeze and wrap cakes overnight before decorating, this prevents crumbling.

I used vanilla cake for the 9” circular cake pan, where I carved out the arms and hands.

Monster Cake Arms

Chocolate cake in a 9” x 13” rectangular cake pan for the main body of the monster cake.

Cutting Monster Cake Pattern

I frosted the chocolate cake with plain vanilla frosting, then layering the vanilla cake arms atop and frosted them.  I mixed together blue and green food dye to create a teal blue for the final layer of frosting and Blue Monchou’s true colors.

Rex Dressing Blue Monchou

Once the cake was completely frosted, I cut the eye’s out of the remaining chocolate cake and applied them.  I gathered all the candy that was left, chocolate lips, sweetheart necklace, sour patch rings, candy corn and one red honey flavored jelly bean heart to bring Blue Monchou to life and to ignite his special super powers.

Blue Monchou

Mooo-hoo- ha-ha–ha-ha…  we’re getting closer to the grand creation, some electricity please… and that is how you make a monster cake!

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