Turkey Joes on Pitas


Turkey Joes

In an effort to get thin and I mean fabulously thin, one of my new year’s resolutions is to lose those extra pounds I so graciously packed on from, well… to be exact starting May 24th 2008.  Why do I remember this date so well you may be asking?  Because it’s the day I quit smoking, upon which I immediately began following my dream… to bake and to bake well, as well as a pastry chef.

I know…

I think the nicotine withdrawals clouded my judgment.  As well as my slight obsession with fondant!  Mastering how to make it, mold it and apply it.  To this day, I continue to struggle with fondant.  Oh’ and  I am still a non-smoker, Amen!

So for anyone who’s quitting smoking as a new year resolution… please, I beg of you…  take up an alternate hobby, such as dancing, tai chi, biking, yoga, painting – anything other than baking!  It will definitely make you look and feel better.  Kind of like these super scrumptious Turkey Joes.

Here’s what you need… a skillet, prep time 35 minutes, bake time 25 minutes, Serves 6

Victoria Gourmet Spice Rack

1 ½ Lbs Ground Turkey

½ Cup Tomato Sauce

1 Garlic Glove (minced)

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons Tomato Paste

1 Tablespoon Onion Powder – I use Toasted Onion Herb

1 Tablespoon Italian Spices – I use Sicilian Seasoning

2 Tablespoons Chili Powder – I use Texas Red Seasoning

Turn stove top to medium heat.  In the skillet add olive oil, minced garlic, tomato paste.  Add the seasonings I use Victoria Gourmet Season but you can use your favorite Italian seasoning, Chili powder and onion powder allowing to brown for a few minutes.  Add the raw ground turkey and mix well with seasonings and cover, “the cover is optional”.  Let simmer for 25 minutes.  Remove from heat and let cool for 15 minutes allowing dish to savor the flavors.

I love serving these on soft pita bread and I heart these low calorie Pita Breads by Joseph’s.   I also make lettuce wraps with the Turkey Joes as appetizers.  They’re super tasty any way you serve them.

Pita Bread by Joseph's

Cheers to good health!  And may we all be skinny and b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l this year!

2 thoughts on “Turkey Joes on Pitas

  1. This recipe looks amazing. I too am trying to lose weight. About 30 pounds to be exact. A neverending struggle it seems. Good luck with your weight loss and keep posting great recipes like this one!

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