Dessert Plate Giveaway

Jeff and I have traveled up and down the east coast visiting antique stores, thrift shops and yard sales for years.  Jeff is a musician and has a deep affection for old musical instruments, vintage toys, electronics and books.  While I adore very pretty frilly vintage fabrics, tapestries, plates and glassware.

Throughout the years we have gathered countless objects of our desire – enough to furnish our own antique store.  What’s more, we have learned that it’s really not necessary to acquire everything that sparks our curiosity, unless it a rare gem like the only 25 in print – Star Wars poster… well then, it’s without hesitation a keeper.

Over time I have cultivated a slight obsession for delicate beautiful glassware, especially Depression glass.   Although some of the pieces I’ve bought are for my personal collection, they have sparked my curiosity for art.  I began upcycling these one-off pieces that have lost their mates in time by making functional art, pairing together plates and stemware to create dessert plates.

I have been giving away these plates as gifts to family and friends and now I want to give one away to you!

Dessert Plate Giveaway

Here’s how you enter to for a chance to win:

Answer the following question in the comments section of this post.

“What have you created lately?”

A recipe?  A piece of art?  Decorated a room? Written a story? Let us know!

Jeff and I will select a response at random and announce the winner on the evening of Wednesday, December 8th.

Have fun & Good luck!

9 thoughts on “Dessert Plate Giveaway

  1. I’ve been missing the time to create things for fun, but have been enjoying creating pretty html emails for work lately. Does that count?

    Made some cookies last night, but even though I tweaked one of the recipes a bit, I don’t think I could call it “creating”.

    That’s a pretty dessert plate Georgie! So do you truly have an antique store or is that a figure of speech?

  2. I created a story for my Language Arts class in school, my teacher told me it was very well written. It was about me and my sister walking home and without a trace she dissapears into the night. A frighening experience lead to an A in the class.

  3. Hi Georgia,…nice to meet you. I’m Hesti from far far away of Asia. You may not know my country Indonesia but glad to know you via ‘Foodie Blog Roll’. My passion is baking and cooking. I have practice many recipes and posted on my blog. And I hope to win your give away…hehe…it’s look very pretty. I can only dream to have such a beautiful peace of art like that…

  4. Hi Georgie:

    I recently redesigned Kitchen to resemble an older style colonial home. Butcher block counter tops, rustic table and dinnerware, bead board throughout and so-on. The kitchen came out great and has become a delight to cook in.

  5. The Complete Package (my beloved husband) and I just created some fabulous travel memories with a trip to the Netherlands and Germany. We made it to the German Christmas markets just as they opened and had 5 glorious days visiting three different types of markets – baroque, traditional and medieval. I’ve always wanted to see the German Christmas markets, and now I have photos and great memories to remind me of it. And I have a small collection of transferware cups and saucers, as well as two cake stands on display in my dining room. This plate would be a perfect and loved addition. -Jeanne

  6. Hello Thea 🙂
    I made CHOCOLATE kourabedes for the first time ever. They were a hit! I didn’t know what they would taste like and so I was a bit worried, but they turned out great.

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