Sugar Sugar

Ever since I could remember I’ve had a love affair with sweets. Undoubtedly, most definitely a sugar addict of the most ferocious kind. Interventions won’t work here so there’s no need to round up the sugar busters. My fondest childhood memories spent growing up within a large Greek family and watching my mother bake some of the most exquisite desserts, how could one not fall in love with the beautiful crystalline white gold substance that was once a luxury for the rich.

Perhaps, one day I may open a Bakery… for now blogging gets me little closer to living that dream. Thanks for joining me in my adventures as a novice baker on her path to discovering great food.

11 thoughts on “Sugar Sugar

  1. Good luck~ I chased my dream and opened a bakery. It took two years of thinking about it and dabbling in it, and then 2 serious years of building (building my funds and building the bakery itself). but, i’m happy 🙂 Good luck chasing your artisan sugar mama-ness!



  2. ok sweetie….now I see that you are truly experiencing life. Pepes Pizza was the only place we went to back in the 60’s when I lived in CT. So happy to see it continues to reign as the BEST in the area!

  3. You are truly experiecing history knowing now that Pepes Pizza still exists! That was the only pizza place we went to back into the 60’s! Happy to know it has rocked all these years!

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